A Consistent Place of Healing

A Consistent Place of Healing

In our modern society, people are often not given enough time to grieve the loss of their loved ones. The pressure of work, even the simple emotional need to ‘be busy,’ often bring the bereaved back into the ‘real’ world far too soon.

A memorial provides a lasting memory and stands as a testament to the person you loved so dearly. It can give great comfort by providing a place for you to visit, lay flowers and remember them. We have a wide range of designs to choose from and all our memorials are hand crafted by our experienced masons to the highest standard.

We understand that choosing the wording and the design for your loved one’s headstone is something you will want to take time over, and we can provide help and guidance to choose something that feels really personal and special.

We will also submit all the necessary documentation to the churchyard or cemeteries on your behalf.

Memorial Cleaning

Cleaning and renovation can make an enormous difference to the appearance of older memorials. Sometimes the existing lettering on a memorial might need to be restored due to age. We can arrange re-gilding, re-painting and re-leading of memorial lettering.

If you would like an existing memorial to be cleaned and renovated, simply contact us and we can arrange for the memorial to be inspected and an estimate will be provided for the work required.

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