Hugh Wade & Son Heritage

A Tradition of Trust

Hugh Wade & Son, Funeral Directors, is a well known name in Coleraine and the surrounding area, but few know the history of the business or indeed the length of time the Wade family have been serving their local community.

Hugh Wade & Son is a seventh generation, family owned, funeral business that has been serving their local community since 1835.


From humble beginnings

In 1835 the business was founded by Mr William Wade, owner of the Royal Hotel in Garvagh and also the proud owner of a fine stable of Belgian Black Horses.

During the nineteenth century it was invariably the case that involvement in the undertaking business was a natural addition to the local Blacksmith, Builder, Joiner or Publican.

After William’s death in 1900 he was succeeded by his son Hugh who carried on both businesses until his death in 1919.

Wades Royal Hotel Garvagh
Hugh Wades First Funeral Parlour


Catering to a growing community

In 1937 Hugh’s son, also named Hugh, moved the business to Coleraine, setting up in the Waterside area of the town, where it was to remain until 1956. It was during this time that his son, the late Hugh Wade, commenced his business life at just 17 years of age and the business relocated to premises in Railway Road.

It was at this location that the firm built its very first Funeral Parlour, or Home, as they are called today.

Hugh Wades First Funeral Parlour


In May 1962, Hugh Wade & Son moved to their present location at Upper Abbey Street/Bannfield Road. It was in this year that the present Hugh Wade entered the business on leaving Coleraine Academical Institution and joined his father.

As the business developed they acquired the Funeral Undertaking business of T.D. Macfarlane Limited in 1967. The business continued to develop and grow with the Wade family concentrating on providing quality funeral service and always seeking to keep abreast of the times.

Hugh Wades Current Funeral Parlour Location


It was in the early 1990’s that the first female was to take a major role in the business. Hugh’s daughters Charlene and Alison both joined their father in the business around that time. Amidst a degree of negative response to her status as a young female in this male dominated profession, Alison completed her Diploma in Funeral Directing in December 1994 at the age of 21. This made her the youngest female Funeral Director in the province.

The Wade family tradition of Funeral Directing continues to be as strong as ever today. The latest family members, Hugh’s grandson Christopher, a qualified embalmer, and granddaughter Lauren BSc. MBA, joined the business in 2009 and 2021 respectively, making them the seventh generation of the Wade family to become involved.

The firm of Hugh Wade & Son is among the oldest in the province, having served the local community for over 185 years.

Looking forward

The business of the family Funeral Director has changed a great deal in the last century. As well as continuing to offer the finest service, there is also a greater focus nowadays on guiding and supporting the bereaved during a very difficult time.

In recent years, as technology has touched and shaped our lives, Hugh Wade & Son has embraced it, integrating new ideas. Along with our dedicated team we look forward to the next chapter in the ongoing story of Hugh Wade & Son Family Funeral Directors.